Sorry I haven’t written in a long time- our computer crashed so the only computer there is, is Daddy’s laptop. He has to take that to work.   Anyway a week or two ago we went to the water park in Collins.  It was so much fun!  Andrew’s birthday is coming up on the 4th of July-until the last year or so he thought all of the fireworks were for him.  My cousins are coming on the 4th from Texas so that is a great birthday present!  We are going to have a big cousin birthday, since Samuel, Andrew, Niko and I all have birthdays in the summer.  It’s kind of a tradition! 

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Daddy and William.

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Hi sorry I haven’t written in a long time we have been really busy.   This Friday is my dance recital.   Last Saturday we went to a crayfish Boyle it was a lot of fun.    Thy had a blow up water slide.   well sorry theirs not a lot to rite about but I got to go by.

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You know how we had 4 kittens? well they have their eyes open.   And our other cat Cricket is pregnant!.   And a cat wondered up at the church and had kittens.   well that’s all there is to tell. Bi

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Sorry I havint posted in a long time I got sick with the stumik bug.   Thers not much to talk ubout so all just put up some more pictures.

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Here is a picture of Coralee in her crib while Morgan and Sarah changed her diaper.

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Andrew  got sick a couple of days ago- he is better now.  But I think Morgan is sick.  Yesterday  I went to ballet and we finished our dance.  After ballet we went to Walmart, so when we finaly got home it was 9:00pm!.   

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This is cricket, Mary’s(my little sister) favorite cat 

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Hi I’m Sarah.  I have two sisters and three brothers.  We have two horses, two cats, four kittens, three dogs,

one fish, one tadpole, and one calf AND we are getting chicks in May!!(thats not counting all the bugs my younger siblings bring home!).  Any way we all home school and my brothers are in cub scouts.  My older sister takes violin and piano and I do ballet I have a recital in May.  My Aunt just had a baby! Coralee Sky she is BEAUTIFULL.  Well got to go bye.   

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